At Home with the Ceass Family, Atlanta Documentary Family Photographer

The routines of a toddler

During this session, just by following this family around, I learned so much about Eli and the way he goes about his days. So much of a toddler's day is scheduled around routines, and I loved watching Eli as he confidently moved through his day, doing the things that he does every day, the things that define his days. As we walked to the playground, Eli got a stick, just like he always does. On the tennis courts, he moved through his round of toys and stopped by a lonely puddle before heading to the slide and swings. Up and down and back and forth until it was time to throw a rock and some pine straw in the stream. The routines kept coming when we got back home in forms of snacks and Elmo and throwing away trash and feeding the dog and cat and continued with games inside and outside and always another "one more time." Following parents as they follow their child's lead with responsiveness and connectedness is a privilege I do not take lightly.

When I photograph a family, I am always thinking about what the child will want to someday see of what their childhood was like. Of course I want to show them how absolutely loved they are, but I also want to be able to show them the games they played, the work they did, and the special routines that shaped their beginning understandings of family life.


A Morning with Steph and Hadz, Atlanta Documentary Family Photography

A Girl and her Curls

I'll be honest. I have some major curl envy. It was no secret to my camera. My mom always wanted me to have curls, and so she gave me perms all through my childhood. As you can imagine, they were not flattering...maybe that' s why I can't help but be transfixed (and quite a bit envious) of a good tight curl. The personality of Haddie's curls are matched by the girl underneath them, fun and quirky with a mind of their own.

It's hard to believe that it has already been a year since the last time I documented these two, and I'm struck by the changing ratio of child size to mom size. Kids, they get bigger, they get more independent, they get smarter, and in some cases they get even more expressive. If you know Stephanie, you know the apple does not fall far from the tree. After spending some time at their home, we went to Haddie's favorite park, along with her unicorn stuffed animal, to play and build fairy houses and feed the ducks, a typical weekend routine for these two. This is the kind of morning that I love to be a part of, the kind of morning that Haddie will remember years from now through the images that match her memories.