Steph and Hadz, Motherhood Documentary Photographer

A mother daughter morning

These two. They speak the same language. They exude the same full hearted feelings. They are a team, and I love to hang out with them. I've known Stephanie for almost as long as I have been in Atlanta, and Haddie was my daughter's first friend, born a month before her. I met them at their place in Atlanta to photograph them as they leisurely got ready to take a walk around the neighborhood. After the two helped each other get dressed and ready, we were out the door, collecting gingko leaves and exploring a water fountain at a local neighborhood business. Haddie wanted to show me a nearby garden and walking path, so we set out in that direction. Along the way we stopped as Haddie explored her voice's echo, noticed buildings and towers in the horizon, and found sticks to wave around. Stephanie experienced it all right along with her daughter, and watching the two of them was pure magic.