Roland's First Days at Home with his Family

Welcome to the world, Roland.

Roland James Poulos, born in the wee hours of the morning on the twelfth of April, 2017.

We've spent lots of time on the couch this week, lots of hours past noon in our jammies with messy hair, lots of time just being. The girls are both smitten with their new baby brother, and he's pretty much a real life baby doll to Charlotte. She wants to hold him and carry him around always. She can't help but move him around and sing to him and touch him. She loves to put her finger in his mouth and gets the biggest kick out of how it feels when he sucks on it. Winnie has a more subtle affection for Roland. Her favorite thing to do is to come up and give him kisses, so many kisses. She also likes to point out his eyes, ears, mouth, and nose, poking them as she tells me each part. She loves to put his pacifier in her mouth and always makes it a point to show me she has it by pointing at it and smiling. They both speak to him in a voice an octave higher than their normal speaking voices. Charlotte always says, "Hi, little guy, " and Winnie just says all these sounds that are too soft and sweet and high pitched to understand. They were both pretty grossed out by his dried out umbilical cord, even though Charlotte cut his cord after he was born, and they keep their distance during diaper changes. Roland is sweet and sleepy and oh so cute, and he's pretty lucky to have these two big sisters. We're beyond excited to have him as part of our family.

I've really enjoyed participating in monthly blog circles as a way to connect with other photographers around the country. This month, I am linking to some Lifestyle Photography in Tulare, CA. Go check out the work of Megan Boggs and follow the blog circle back here.