Humble Treasures Outreach

Humble Treasures Turkey Bash

Humble Treasures turkey bash recipient

My inspiring friends Tiffany and Shawn created Humble Treasures, an organization that works to match the needs of individuals with those who can help meet them through donations of clothing and household items. They put together these Thanksgiving baskets for the Community Turkey Bash and were able to give everyone in attendance plates, silverware, napkins, tablecloths, and decorations for their Thanksgiving meals. It was a pleasure to get to watch them do their magic in action. Humble Treasures is taking off in a newly renovated camper to do some amazing things in the community. Please check out their website for ways to get involved.

Humble Treasures Co-Founders
Humble Treasures booth at Turkey Bash
Humble Treasures founder talks to woman about the organization
Woman receives basket at Turkey Bash
Woman receives basket at Thanksgiving Turkey Bash
Co-founder talks with woman about Humble Treasures
Girl looks through candy bowl at Humble Treasures booth
Boy listens to talk about Humble Treasures
Humble Treasures co-founder talks about organization