At Home with the Wsols, Atlanta Family Photographer

A Bushel and a Peck of Peppers and a Hug Around the Neck

I arrived just in time to wake up Fin from his nap. While Fin was waking up and stretching out, Vivian was excited to introduce me to their new kitties they named Gigi (for Glitter and Glamorous) and John. I bet you can guess who got to name them. Carrie was kind to want to put up the cats knowing that I am allergic to them, but I wouldn't have it. One of the best parts about documenting a family in their home is being able to include pets in the family's story. This year, I was missing Roy, their dog who was in their pictures last year but didn't make it to this year's pictures. Gigi and John have clearly brought a lot of joy and playfulness to the family in Roy's absence. And this session was not short on joy and playfulness. From tickling feet on the couch to window jumps, to goofy giggles, we had a whole lot of fun. We spent some time picking some (a ton) of peppers from their garden (be jealous, I got to take home a bag of those peppers) and wandering around in their backyard. After bringing them in to wash them, they were temporarily used as play phones before they were eaten like apples. It's always a pleasure spending time with the Wsols.