A Morning with the Rulon Meza Family, Decatur Documentary Family Photographer

Bouncing, Balls, and Booboos

I love these boys. I love this family. We've known each other for several years, and I was so excited to be invited to come into their home to document their morning. When I get to observe families, I'm always amazed at how much parents do in such a small time, how busy that time is, and how quickly it passes. From helping kids get ready for the day to monitoring playtime inside with cars, blocks, and dress up, to the caregiving needed after a head bump, parents are working hard. It's always easier to notice from the outside.

After playing inside for a bit, we went outside. The boys showed me their new tent and spent some time spinning around on their swing before playing soccer. It wasn't long before we were on the trampoline dodging balls and noodles and leaves and acorns. Then there was a face plant in the grass and we were back inside for mending. Throughout the day, the boys took turns getting hurt, and I got to witness the sweet comforting of a mother. The boys got a little Halloween candy for an extra measure of healing, and then we were off to the nearby park for some log jumping, swinging, and fishing for leaves. Such a beautiful fall day. Such a beautiful family.