An afternoon at home with Vijay and her granddaughters, Atlanta family photographer

A swim, a snack, and a sweep

Grandmother spraying her granddaughter with a hose while another girl walks towards them

When I walk into the home of a family I have never photographed before, I always get a little nervous that they will be expecting a portrait session, that their daily life will have stopped and they will be sitting there waiting for me to pose them. Of course I always communicate what to expect, but it's a fear I still always have. So, when I walked into Vijay's house and the kids were out back swimming in the pool, I was immediately relieved.

As I relaxed and started snapping, I got to hear stories about how Vijay's daughter and her twin brother used to swim in that same pool, and she would watch them just like she was watching her granddaughters. As I spoke with Vijay and her daughter Deepti about the kids playing at the house, I started to realize why I love extended family sessions so much. They make more evident how family photos document the present in a way that connects us to the past and creates a bridge to the future. This is easily seen when there is an environment that gets shared between generations. I feel it every time I take my kids back to the farm where I grew up. Seeing them play in the spaces where I grew up playing takes me immediately back to my childhood, and the photos help tie it all together from one generation to the next.

When we moved inside the home, the pictures on the wall told more history, and I loved hearing the details of medical school and a twin brother and personalities being passed down from mother to daughter. The girls sat with their grandma and stroked her hair, and I couldn't help but realize how special of a moment I was witnessing as Vijay will soon be undergoing chemotherapy and losing her hair. I was so excited to be able to do this session through Magic Hour, an organization that matches photographers with people who are fighting cancer for photography sessions. Vijay is so clearly loved by all. I am glad she will have these images to keep her company as she battles cancer.

Mother holding a swimming noodle with her daughter in a pool while another daughter watches
Child getting in the pool while mother and sister sit on the edge of the pool
Young girl in the pool peering over the edge
Picture from behind a young girl who is jumping into a pool where her sister is already swimming
Girl with goggles jumping into the pool
Picture of man and woman smiling on a deck
Grandmother spraying granddaughters with the hose
Children playing in the hose while grandmother sprays them and mother walks towards them
Mother takes goggles out of daughter's hair while grandmother sprays children with hose
Grandma sprays grandchild with the hose as another girl covers her face
Grandmother with arms around two girls wrapped in towels
Girl wrapped in towel after swimming looking at camera
Girl walking with arms inside shirt
Picture from above of girls having a snack, or grandparents watching, and of mother peeling an apple
young girl eating a cracker with cheese on it with mother's arms behind her
Woman sitting in chair looking at a young girl with another young girl sitting behind her
Woman smiling while two young girls play with her hair
Picture from above of girls playing with woman's hair
Family on a dock, man and child sweeping
Man and woman sitting next to each other on the dock
Image of woman looking at man while two children goof off in the background
A mother standing behind her daughter holding her hands
grandmother bending down to kiss granddaughter on the forehead
Mother holding and looking at daughter while grandmother holds her arm
Daughter reaching up and holding mother as grandma holds child's head
Portrait of a young girl, mom and grandma look down on her smiling