My Story

I find childhood endlessly fascinating, and I have spent my life exploring my own childhood through various media. I remember being a kid with a pink 110 film camera dangling from my wrist trying to document as much as my parents would allow me to develop. Later on in art school, I created sculptures and paintings based on my childhood memories where there were gaps in the photographic story. After school I became a teacher, and I worked to understand children, their natural development, their motivation, and their curiosities. Now as a mother, I observe and document my own children to make visible the moments I find fascinating and to make memorable images they would otherwise not remember. Photography has been my favorite way to study childhood. It's as close as I can get to making time stand still for long enough to really see it and feel it, both before being whisked away to the next moment and then again long after that moment has already passed. As a parent, I love going through old pictures of my childhood with my children, and I dream about them going through their own photo albums someday with their children. I want the pictures that they share with their own children to tell the whole story of the way they lived, from the house that couldn't stay cleaned, to the glass water bottle their mama always used, to the tiny braids that everyone adored. I want them to remember and feel love for all of it.

Photo by Anda Marie Photography

Photo by Anda Marie Photography

Your Story

I would be delighted to photograph your family in your home and surroundings with as little intrusion and direction as possible. The history that you are building as a family is the most beautiful when it is authentically yours, no props or poses necessary. It's a story that deserves to be captured and shared now, when you are in it and often can't see it, and later, when the memories you risk losing can rest without worry in a photograph and be shared for generations. I'm happy to collaborate with you on telling and preserving your story with all the messy details that make it your own. I live in Atlanta, GA, but I am always ready for an adventure. 

Photography sessions start at $275.